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Notes on drug interactions

Scrambler Therapy® is a new electroanalgesia methodology specifically studied for neuropathic and oncologic pain, and in general for pain non-responsive to other types of drugs and forms of electroanalgesia such as TENS and implanted stimulators.

Scrambler Therapy® is a stand-alone medical electroanalgesia device, and does not require combinations with other analgesic therapies.

The usage of anticonvulsants for analgesic purposes generally calls for a higher number of treatments, needed for the weaning. The first five treatment with anticonvulsant can provide unstable result , that return to normal with continue the treatment cycle. The protocol for patients who use anticonvulsant typically includes 10 treatments + those needed for weaning. The frequency of treatment remains unchanged. It is also possible to continue the anticonvulsants analgesic therapy, however in this case results are not as good or insufficient, and relapse is quicker.

From study-phase data the combination with Ketamine is incompatible since it seems to block the analgesic efficacy of the treatment. The normal analgesic effect of the treatment after the patient stops taking Ketamine is still unknown. Similar suspicions exist also for muscle relaxants, which in combination with this therapy could also cause minor side effects.

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