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ST-NET in quality systems for Clinical Trials

ST-NE T project is based on ST-NET, an international automated network free for Scrambler Therapy® users . This network has been set up for various purposes, but its main one is to support Clinical Trials and Pilot Centers in reducing to a minimum operator dependent variability results. By so doing, a quality system is created that regardless of clinical trials chosen by researchers, guarantees reproducibility and consistent results differently not achievable, therefore reliable scientific clinical trials.

Scrambler Therapy Data Manager, (STDM)

ST-NET is focused on a clinical “intelligent” folder based on a dedicated software designed exclusively for Scrambler Therapy. Scrambler Therapy Data Manager, (STDM) software manages in a simple and effective way patients medical records in an easy to use visual database. During compilation, STDM automatically informs the operator of possible critical features , and suggests most fit treatment protocols for any patient and enables to use specific research tools such as Brief Pain Inventory, Pain Detect, DN4 and much more. This software can simultaneously (while you are working on the record) open patient's data on other traditional software such as Excel, Word or simply Notepad. It is also possible to analyze treatment trends with graphs that do not require previous configuration. The entire Database can be exported in Excel with filtering criteria based on data, pain type or other meaningful characteristics in clinical trials.

By clicking on “ Automatic analysis ” an algorithm analyzes the treatment data and highlights the main control parameters, indicating the percentage shift from the normal values. Meaningful shifts or serious anomalies are highlighted.

Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act (HIPAA) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance

ST-NET is fully compliant to HIPAA and and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) privacy standards. Implemented multi-level protection requirements are higher than those in most popular commercial software.  

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