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The following pages provide all support necessary for unbiased clinical research protocols, methodologies, approved active sham protocols, training, scientific and historical information.

Quick support on research and clinical best practice

Frequent errors about RCTs double blind

10 basic rules to use Scrambler Therapy® correctly

Adverse interactions and protocol adjustment

Pseudo chronic pain and treatment expectations

Frequent errors in clinical practice

Active sham approved for random controlled trials vs placebo

ST-NET usage in system-quality for clinical trials and pilot centers

Treatment using the Scrambler Therapy® device avoids the harmful, potentially fatal, adverse side effects. The Scrambler Therapy® device has been used to successfully treat thousands patients worldwide. The scientific literature indexed and published in peer review scientific journals show  the efficacy and safety of Scrambler Therapy®  in treating neuropathic and oncologic pain. Scrambler Therapy is a stand-alone medical electroanalgesia device, and does not require combinations with other analgesic therapies.

Scrambler therapy’s official mascot

In the purely scientific field to understand a therapy’s value one trusts only biostatistics and as a norm avoids using direct testimony of individual patients. I completely share this scientific approach, however pain therapy’s main goal is to restore quality of life. This output is normally expressed by specific tests, but the day I received an email with a picture I realized there is no test capable of expressing in a more straightforward way as the cake a patient brought at the end of her therapy.

I cannot find the words to express the emotions I felt. Among other things, the cake arrived on the same day when the site’s first pages were put online. I asked for Mrs. Wall’s permission since her cake has become Scrambler therapy’s official mascot. I would like to thank Mrs. Walls once again.

Prof. Giuseppe Marineo

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